What’s the Best Church Presentation Software?

I was recently asked by a small church for my opinion as to what is the best choice in church presentation software today. In my position I get to talk with many churches everyday from all over the world.

Here’s the deal, on the Mac side, it’s ProPresenter… that’s it, there is no real competition. Many churches over the years have switched to Macs and those churches are basically all using ProPresenter. ProPresenter is fantastic but the downside is that stability has declined sharply since the release of ProPresenter 6 and the PC version is still pretty buggy. It’s gold standard reputation was built on ProPresenter 5 which was a huge success but the latest release has been a source of frustration for many. However it’s Mac version is still light years ahead of the rest.

In second place I would have to say is EasyWorship. Similarly EasyWorship gained its status as the gold standard for the PC with its 2007 and 2009 versions. However it too has struggled with its recent release of EasyWorship 6 which was plagued early on with stability issues, however most of these have been fixed and EasyWorship seems to be heading quickly back to its former glory. EasyWorship has a huge online store with a great selection of media downloads which is far superior than the other PC presentation softwares thus solidifying it’s place as the number #1 PC choice and the #2 choice overall.

In third place I have to put MediaShout. MediaShout is a very good presentation program loved by many churches and does has a Mac version as well however the Mac version is overshadowed by ProPresenter. MediaShout throughout the years has also been plagued by stability issues. MediaShout has been stuck fighting for 3rd place against SongShow Plus the last few years, each struggling with development and stability issues and each lacking quality online media stores.

In close fourth place is SongShow Plus. SongShow was once the dominant presentation software back before using a Mac was even a viable option. In the early 2000’s SongShow Plus was hugely popular and used by a large amount of churches everywhere. Today SongShow is still a decent software option for the PC and has made improvements however stability has never been one of them and thus SongShow has not been able to shake the reputation of being buggy and prone to locking up. SongShow has been stuck in a steady decline in popularity for years and development has slowed to a crawl.

Disclaimer, this data is based on user feedback as well as my own experiences over the years and is my opinion alone. Each one of these softwares offer a free 30 day trial so try them for yourself and see what you think before you make your decision. Just a quick piece of advice, remember that you will have to train people on a regular basis on how to use the software, so just because one vocal member of the church has experience with one of these, unless that person is willing to personally train everyone, make a decision that makes sense for your situation. For example, if every volunteer is a PC person and they have no idea how to run a Mac, switching to ProPresenter because someone says it’s the best might be more trouble than it’s worth if you have to train people how to use an entire operating system every Sunday morning.


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