Hertina SilalahiSilalahi Hertina life shattered after finding out that she was pregnant. The most painful thing that must be acceptance that the lover who impregnate irresponsible. Hertina thrown away and must bear the disgrace of her pregnancy either on campus or family.

Hertina so devastated after realizing that her boyfriend, call it Tirto, men who love what they thought it was not responsible. “Initially I met with Tirto, was on campus. I was grateful I was never any relationship with him.” recalls Hertina.

But the reality is not as expected Hertina. In the period dating it, Hertina and Tirto actually fell in an extramarital affair. “What he did was he asked me to do it again with sweet words. He will be responsible, it will not happen, I finally fell back again (intercourse outside of marriage), “he said to remember the past that had previously been fallen into sexual sin with her ex-boyfriend.

What power, use and throw. That is due to be received Hertina when I heard that Tirto do not want to be responsible for the child she is carrying. Hertina must bear so heavy psychological burden, not only thinking about his future but the news of her pregnancy caused a stir on campus, ranging from friends to the dean.

Anger makes Hertina short minded. There was no way other than suicide in the presence of Tirto. “I’ve been crazy. My mind is no longer clear. That there is in my mind is to cut my jugular vein with a razor that is already there in my hands. I said that when I die, you will be responsible.”

Hertina threat finally made Tirto promised to marry her. They had planned to get married in the near future. Family two sides have met. Unfortunately, Hertina found himself back disappointed that the wedding will never happen. Because, Tirto actually requested that the content is aborted it, and immediately fled Hertina. “I feel cheated, I feel cheated with my family as well,” recalls Hertina at the time of the last time I saw Tirto.

Marriage void and the desire to keep having children at birth makes Hertina feel has hurt the entire family. With great regret, he decided to go away from home. On a piece of paper, Hertina speak up and regret to his family and lived in a foundation that receives troubled people like him.

He was treated for three months there until she gives birth. “When I see the face of my first child, I saw the face of his father with him, the more hatred arises again. “Why did God allow him to go. Why are we not together wrote. And it kept ringing in my mind. Taste bitter. I must have a child that I never planned. Born without a father.”

Hatred and regret that blends in Hertina life made him feel devastated. Hope seemed lost. Back up that hope to grow slowly after getting the services of a mentor at New Life House Foundation named it. “He said that God is good. God is fair. This time you may feel sick, but see if you keep crying out to God, God will change everything.”

After getting that guidance, as Hertina heart opened and he distinctly heard God’s voice called out, “Hertina, I love you.” “I did not answer. Twice I heard in my ears. Obviously, and I cried. After that I woke up and prayed, ‘Is it true that the Lord Your voice. If that’s true, because I feel peaceful, yes, like born again.”

God gives a very clear message to Hertina in Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Hertina realized that purity of heart is meant to forgive. “I apologize to the Lord. I mentioned his name, I forgive him Lord, I no longer want to feel empty like this. I want to serve God. I kneel before God. I want to go back.”


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