Home Designer Professional is an intuitive CAD software that enables you to create and edit schematics for design modifications in a user-friendly environment. Home Designer Pro features a rich and easy to use tools that suitable for all types of modeling projects, from remodeling design to building a new house from scratch. The program offers smart building and advanced design tools to produce detailed construction drawings for home design, interior design, outdoor living, remodeling, landscape and as well as cost estimation. Home Designer Pro 2019 is an easy to use 3D architectural software that enables you to design, visualize, and generate 3D models of your ideas with smart building and advanced design tools. Whether you are creating an entire house, room, landscape, furniture, painting, and other design details can be accurately visualized. It includes an array of tools to quickly and easily create various styles, shapes, sizes, colors, countertops, and other tools for creating detail construction drawings.

1Productivity Features

3D Viewer Export. Save designs to the cloud and share them for using on mobile devices and websites using the Chief Architect 3D Viewer App.

Library Search Bar and Context Menus. Quickly search for library items by keyword, object type, or style. Choose to search for items in an entire catalog or in specific folders only. Customize search attributes for User Catalog content.

Find in Plan from the Materials List. Select items from the materials list and choose to Show in Plan to identify and locate them in your designs.

23D Tools

Save 360° Renderings to the Cloud. Easily save your 360° renderings to the Chief Architect Cloud, and share them or embed them into web pages.

Multiple Camera Defaults. Specify default values for each camera type; control, layer assignment, active Rendering Technique, and more.

Group Select and Edit Cameras. Select multiple cameras at one time and edit their properties, like height off floor or the Rendering Technique used.

3Plan Features

Custom Watermarks. Create watermarks and display them on your work. Control location, size, angle, transparency, and include images in your watermark design.

Automatic Dutch Gable Roofs. Easily create a Dutch Gable style roof using the Automatic Build Roof tools; simply set the wall properties as “Dutch Gable”, adjust the values and build the roof.

Multiple Framing Types. Choose from a wide selection of framing types when designing your structure; from lumber to steel, to engineered materials like LVL, PSL, and VSL. Framing labels reflect the type of material specified.

Access to Full Selection of 3,600+ Plant Images.


Rotate Symbols in 3D. In 3D views easily rotate symbol objects around the X, Y, or Z axis using the rotate edit handles for the selected side. Choose to automatically refresh the CAD Block for symbol objects as they are rotated or modified.

Insert Items Inside Cabinets. Attach custom shelves, storage, and hardware items into cabinet boxes and specify their behavior per face item.

Specify Number of Lights Used per Scene. Choose to display more than 8 light sources in your 3D views. Set the maximum number of lights used in the Camera Specification dialog.

5Editing Tools

Stretch CAD Tool. Similar to Edit Area; create a marquee that contains or excludes CAD endpoints and move the selection to stretch and scale the components within the selection area.

Selected Edge Highlight Indicator. See visual cues to identify the active edge of a selected object with highlight colors along the edge and filled edit handles.

Reshape Views Sent to Layout. Like other Polyline based items, add breaks and curved edges to Layout viewports to control cropping of their display on a layout page.

Railing Over Solid Wall. Generate Pony Walls with a railing as the upper wall type.

Turn off Posts for Railings. Easily specify whether railings or fences include posts with the “No Posts” control.

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